Generic Licorice - , Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash, Koflet Syrup, Bleminor Anti Blemish Cream, Menosan, Naron, Penon, Septilin Drop, Yashtimadhu

  • Сlear Complexion Whitening Face Wash®

    Saffron , Pomegranate , Licorice , White Dammer
    • 100g

    Сlear Complexion Whitening Face Wash® - a must have for visibly clearer, brighter and glowing skin. Licorice helps remove dark spots, improve skin and whitens skin, while White Dammer soothes and moisturizes damaged skin, also enhances complexion.

    $ 9.98
  • Koflet Syrup®

    Licorice , Holy Basil , Honey
    • 100ml

    $ 10.97
  • Bleminor Anti Blemish® Cream

    • 30g

    Bleminor is a anti-blemish cream indicated for hyperpigmentation due to varied etiologies like exposure to UV rays and aging, melasma, post-injury and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

    $ 14.99
  • Menosan®

    Shatavari , Ashoka , Yashtimadhu
    • 1mg

    Menosan® - a herbal drug that relieves the symptoms associated with perimenopause. An herbal alternative for hormone replacement therapy.

    $ 0.44
  • Naron®

    • 100g

    Derived from unique herbal formula from ancient heritage of Indian Medicine, Naron is a vaginal tonic in a form of herbal medicated cream for inter-vaginal use. Naron produces contractive effect on vaginal smooth muscles, which lose tone or elasticity due to multiple childbirths, menopause or even habitual abortions, thus resulting in loose, frail and sluggish vaginal walls.

    $ 7.99
  • Penon

    • 100g

    Penon cream is a highly time tested Ayurvedic Topical Herbal formula to give overall improvement in penis strength, tightening and even length & diameter of the penis. Penon is ideal for many adults who are finding it difficult to penetrate due to loose penis, who find it difficult to continue love making for long time, due to poor erections and early ejaculation.

    $ 8.39
  • Septilin Drop®

    Guduchi , Yashtimadhu , Guggulu
    • 60ml

    Septilin’s immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are beneficial in maintaining general well-being. It increases the level of antibody-forming cells, thereby elevating the body’s resistance to infection. Septilin stimulates phagocytosis (elimination of bacteria through ingestion) by macrophage (white blood cells) activation, which combats infection.

    $ 6.65
  • Yashtimadhu

    • 60pills

    Yashtimadhu (Licorice/Glycyrrhiza glabra) has been used for sweetening candies for generations. It is also one of the world's most widely researched herbs for its role in supporting the body’s normal digestive function.

    $ 9.98
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